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Easy to Getting Unlimited Features: Marvel Contest of Champions Cheat

Are you game fighting mobile fan? I think you cannot forget Marvel contest of champion which has marvelous graphic design and easy control cannot be ignored in the first sight since the first time I play it. I award this as the best game ever.

However, playing Marvel contest of champion surely needs a good strategy to keep you fun playing it. The key point of controlling the energy and the grinding is time management. Sometimes, we do this session in such a long time until we forget to the fighting session so to pass the next level spends a lot of time.

Buying IAP is an alternative, it cost a lot and not all of gamers can buy. Therefore, I have tips to do for you without spending much money. Let’s check it out!

Focus on upgrading on one hero only

If you get ISO-8 to increase your hero experience, never use your tool for upgrading all of the heroes. Focus on one hero only. It is more precise with a strong hero only rather than you upgrade all of the heroes in weak power.

Using a hero which has a bonus level is an advantage

In the “quest” mode, you will be shown your hero statistic along with the rival’s. Take the chance by picking a hero gives you a level bonus. It can increase your power, meanwhile your rival is going to be weak.

Ensure you have known the rival characteristic before you begin the mission

For seeing the enemies data, you can check it on the down-left mission menu. In this way, you can choose an appropriate hero to speed up your time gaming.

“Versus” Mode is a must

In the “versus” mode, you will be fighting in non-real time. It will be controlled by a computer. Besides, the “versus” mode is different with the “quest” mode. So, it is suggested to you to use “versus” mode when the quest energy is out of the run. Each hero can participate in the “versus” mode for 1,5 hours. You can get hero badge to be exchanged with a 4-star hero.

Joining event never is a mistake

You might get a precious reward in this even like catalysts as the first item you should have for upgrading your hero levels. It is easy to join the “event” mode by tapping quest button in the main menu. Next step, tap the special event in the right of the story quest.

Use a good combination attack and defense

A good combination is using light attack and heavy attack. The light attack seems good, but somehow it results low damage, so needs more time to beat the enemy. Meanwhile, the heavy attack has a great effect but they still have a slow movement making the enemy so easy to do countering.


Marvel Contest of Champions Hack

Well, game lovers! If you are just feeling steps above are too long to do, I have another alternative for you. Thanks to the hacker who make things so easy. Now you can get the Marvel Contest of Champions Hack. It is so awesome to utilize all the features including generating unlimited versus, unlimited units, gold, and unlimited energy. And, don’t worry! It is 100% secured with the anti-ban system. Besides, no need to use your proxy. The program will find you and let it run in auto mode. It is an exclusive tool which enables you to enjoy all of the features unlimitedly!

Instructions how to use the hack!

  • You just need to download the hack tool.
  • Connect your device to your PC
  • Place a number of your resources
  • Tick the button
  • Enjoy!

Strategy to get unlimited Gems on this game

How To Get Marvel Contest of Champion Hack

Do you love superheroes? Once, you might imagine when you were young, about superheroes united become one. Some movies might available with favorite heroes. But, how if all of the heroes come inside a game? The answer is in the Marvel contest of Champions! Yap, this game is about them, superheroes you usually find in comics. Commonly, you can find a Spider-man, Superman, Ironman or Batman game. They are designed in various type of game including puzzle, actions, casual and etc. Therefore, Marvel has contributed a lot of things in this project.

Marvel contest of champions is an F2P game which is released by game fighting. It is a simple game which is no need joystick or gamepad. Only you need to do is just tapping and swiping. Some commentators from game developers, gamers, and media told that this game might not beat the “Injustice: Gods Among Us”. But, what I want to underline here is the preference of gamers. Therefore, I want to give you a quick review about this game.



The first sight of playing the game is so easy to use. Everyone can play it well. You have to master all the menu available in the right side for the attack and the left side for defending.

As I told you before, playing this game just need swipe and tap. In this case, you have to do a combo attack to increase your skill bar. The main point of this game is on the Quest mode which you will face the Summoner, Kang.

Where is the “Champions”?

At the first stage, you will get the Spider-Man and Hawkeye. For the next level, you should go with this two characters. If you are lucky, you can get one champion from one Quest level.

The champions in this Marvel Contest of Champions can be obtained by many ways like buying API (in-app purchase). You can collect black crystal and exchange it with the champions. However, it is not that easy.

The making of F2P to be a free download game is just to make it long live. Gamers who are not accustomed to paying will curious to get another favorite character.

However, the worst moment in this game is grinding. Using API is good, but not all gamers want it. But, thanks to the hacker which has found how to get the features free. So, let me introduce you the Marvel Contest of Champion Hack Tool! It is a free hack that enables you to enjoy the game with the features inside. You can generate versus, gold, energy and units. Things get so easier if you use the tool hack without worrying about being banned.

Procedure to use the hack!

  • What you need to do with the hack is to download the tool.
  • Once you have down, you need to Connect the device with the computer
  • Enter the amount of resources you want to add
  • Click the button available
  • Just wait around 5 minutes!

How to cheat on Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions Hack

Marvel Contest of Champions Hack will be able to make you play this best game with ease. Here you can get versus mode. Versus mode is a mode in which you will compete with the hero opposing players in a non-real time. Usually, the hero opponent will be driven computer with a standard level of difficulty. Ease back, versus mode using a different energy to the quest mode so I suggest you do this versus mode after you’ve run out of energy quest. Each hero that you have to participate in versus mode is one and a half hours. Gift can you can through this mode is a hero badge redeemable coupon to get the hero with a four-star, very dear if missed.

Event in mobile games is increasingly mainstream course. So it is with that contained in the Marvel Contest of Champions. Once a week you will find different events have been provided. Prizes as bait were also no less lucrative, the catalysts which are items required to be able to upgrade your rank Hero. The event mode is located a little bit hidden, but I will give an easy way to find it, tap the button that quest in the main menu and then tap the button on the right button event special quest story.


How to Start Playing?

It is the time we get into the art of fighting. My simple tip is to always combine light attack (tap on the right of the screen) and heavy attack (swipe to the right of the screen), it is not recommended to perform the same attack continuously. The light attack was faster, but less damage produced large that the time to defeat the enemy becomes longer and the enemy could even restore. The heavy attack had a devastating attack, but the movement is slow so that the enemy can easily make a counter. Do not forget also use special attacks as soon as possible when the special attack bar Hero you start fully.

What is important, after you finished the six to eight combo immediately press badminton (tap left of the screen) or do the movement dodge (swipe left of the screen), because after you finished the six to eight combo enemies certainly do motion attack and it is impossible you can combat that if you insist on doing the continuous attack.

Explore every mission to complete 100% is something simple but it is so easily overlooked. The average gamer will further continue to the next mission although in previous missions of exploration has not reached 100%. If you are one of the averages gamers, I recommend that you immediately change your playing style. Always tired exploration 100% before you move on to the next mission, if the business you are reaching exploration 100% hampered because the hero you have not been able to defeat the enemy or do not have the type of hero given to passing the spot that is then you can move on to the next mission first.

Daily Crystal can give you a chance to get a new hero, even a hero can you get could be the hero with three stars. If you are not lucky to get a hero with three stars, at least, you can get a hero to the type that you have not had. By collecting various types of hero, your chance to explore a 100% in every mission will even greater.

Use this tool for free as much as you can!

Marvel Contest of Champions Hack

Marvel Contest of Champions is a mobile fighting game that cannot be ignored. This game proved to be entered as one of the best games in the 2014 version of me and Glenn versions. The beauty of the graphics that look very real, and the control is in accordance with the tastes of mobile gamers is the main factor that makes this game so interesting in the first impression even until after my much longer play. Make sure to use Marvel Contest of Champions Hack.

Of course, as good-good is a game still requires a good strategy to keep them fun to play. Which makes me (and I’m sure you are all also experienced the same thing) to have to think hard when playing Marvel Contest of Champions is the management of the energy system and the length of time needed to do the grinding. Sometimes we will feel when we spend grinding is not effective, so the time it takes to conquer the next mission is very long.

The easiest way to overcome this course to make a purchase IAP, but not everyone likes to do this way is not it? Therefore, I will share tips and tricks to play Marvel Contest of Champions so that we can all play this game comfortably without using the native currency / IAP slightest. Please listen.


Easy Ways to Beat the Game!

If you get the ISO-8 to raise the hero your experience, do you use the ISO-8 is a hero to all of you equally. Focus only to one hero you most like or do you think the most powerful. Why is that? Because of the powerful hero is more valuable than a hero in large quantities, but its strength is just standard. Raise the level of another hero when the hero that you think is the most powerful had already reached its maximum level.

As you will face opponents in the quest mode, you will be presented with statistics heroes fighting against an enemy hero. From the statistical data, use a hero who has a class bonus, because you hero attack will increase significantly and attack your opponent hero becomes weakened. The obvious advantage is to be exploited.

Bonus classes will appear when you defeat the hero type hero-type opponent. Here is a plot diagram: Cosmic> Skill> Tech> Mutant> Science> Mystic> Cosmic. Cosmic how to read is going to beat Skill; Skill will beat Tech, and so on.

What if, despite being received bonus class but the overall score hero capability you still lost? If the overall score hero you lose by a margin far, I suggest you keep using another hero who has a higher overall score. However, if the difference in the defeat of only a little, you can use a hero who has a class bonus.

It is still related to the previous point. Before you start a mission, first make sure you identify the type of hero candidates for your opponent. How is the trick? Namely by looking at the info listed on the bottom left of the menu screen mission. By identifying candidates against you in advance you can prepare hero has the advantage anywhere that has a bonus hero classes and which are not. Bring always a hero who has a class bonus. So, the fight you will feel more comfortable and can shorten the time you complete the mission there.